Excerpts from the Book:  ALL CAN USE  TELEPATHY TO INCREASE BRAIN POWER AND HEALING (Also SUB-titled as: all can use  telepathy, not for  glitz, but to increase brain power and healing

ALVIN E. (EDWARD) TOFFLER, Ph.D.; Author;  C.  1998; 2002; 2008; 2010; 2011

The pursuit of mind to mind  communication has been ongoing since humans have looked into each others’ eyes and wished they knew what was behind them. Although many have claimed success, in Delphi, the Himalayas, palaces, slums, Universities, ther­apy, bars, and laboratories, telepathy lived only by tales around the campfire. Failure over the ages could have been due, not to the impossibility of telepathy, but to using sensory, not extrasen­sory transmitters and receivers. Ears and eyes are are attuned to light and sound , not mental energy. This author has demon­strated, for the first time, that telepathy can be transmitted and received by all individuals and groups through dedicated   inborn mental transmitters and receivers.

It has been shown, (Toffler, A. E.) that telepathic abil­ity is not related to mental superiority or supernatural powers. All life forms  have inborn extrasensory transmitters and receivers   to automatically connect to other members of their spe­cies enabling caretaking, reproduction, and grouping forma­tions. There is more than touch, sight, and smell that bonds Mother and Father and Child, and those you love and hate. We must be bonded to other humans at birth and throughout life, or die.[purchase_link id=”360″ style=”button” color=””

The  drive to form protective groups could be inherent in all life  forms. Automated Unconscious extrasensory signaling, two billion years ago, could have led to bacterial colonization, and  in humans in an advanced format to mating, families, tribes, fiefdoms, teams, corporations, nations, and Super Powers. Te­lepathy could be an unseen guest in every meeting, and a presence between simpatico when apart. Because we form the most powerful and adaptive groups, we are the dominant species. Alone we are prey to swarming bees, any gang, and a blizzard. The discovery of penicillin, by a brilliant scientist, would be naught without dedicated teams to produce and market and deliver and buy the pill under supervision of health care specialists. It’s no accident that we form groups. it could be a basic building block of life’s existence;  extrasensory automatic signaling connecting  sensory selecting.

We are on the cusp of controlling this heretofore inborn unconsciously functioning mental power, which could improve choice of a mate and colleagues, and  empower Brain Storming which could result in  increased  longevity and well being for all.  Peaceful co-­existence could be more probable anywhere and everywhere, for no matter race, color, or creed the language of the mind is understood everywhere there is a mind.

But before telepathy can be useful, adeptness in the use of inborn telepathic trans­mitters and receivers is required. This Author has demonstrated that all have the potential to form an energy Screen, either inside or out­side their forehead, which can be used to inter-communicate between individuals or or to  link individuals to exponentially increase the transmitted mental power of a synchronized group. Power that could be used by a willing recipient or comatose patients to automatically activate the autonomic system to boost system functioning.

Fifty percent of the world’s population can activate an energy Screen inside their forehead which can be used to control sending and receiving telepathic messages and transfer mental energy to others to accelerate learning and healing. I have designated those as  Power Beamers. The Fifty percent that cannot form that Screen have the ability to project an energy Screen outside their forehead, which can be used to increase  brain power and automatically enhance social connectivity. I have designated those as Beamers.

Are you a Beamer or a Power Beamer? It takes only seconds to determine which you are (Adults only).

  1. Relax in a quiet room:
  2. Close your eyes: Try to form a Screen, just let it come. It will usually form within a few seconds (Allow no more than 10 seconds). It will be a white energy Screen inside your forehead, or a white or black energy Screen outside your forehead. Both are  shaped similar to a movie screen.
  3. If neither Screen formed, take a 10 minute break and then relax in a quiet room, and while  sitting or standing try to form a screen outside your forehead; Try no more than 10 seconds. The Screen formed would be similar in description to the Outside Screen described above. Although all have the potential capability  to form either type of Screen, sometimes apprehensiveness will prevent Screen formation.
  4. After this simple exercise your telepathic ability will be gradually enhanced because you will have brought on-line the  telepathic capability that was heretofore on automatic and operating in the more primitive brain on an unconscious level.
  5. Step by step procedures in the book detail, how Beamers and Power Beamers could increase individual


Alvin E. Toffler, Ph. D. is a NY licensed (004118-1) Clinical Psychologist.

Previous Experience

Hofstra University: Professor  Graduate Psychology Department

Chief Psychologist UFSD 13