ALVIN E. (EDWARD) TOFFLER, Ph.D.; Author;  C.  2002; 2008; 2010; 2011

The pursuit of mind to mind  communication has been ongoing since humans have looked into each others’ eyes and wished they knew what was behind them. Although many have claimed success, in Delphi, the Himalayas, palaces, slums, Universities, ther­apy, bars, and laboratories, telepathy lived only by tales around the campfire. Failure over the ages could have been due, not to the impossibility of telepathy, but to using sensory, not extrasen­sory transmitters and receivers. Ears and eyes are are attuned to light and sound , not mental energy. This author has demon­strated, for the first time, that telepathy can be transmitted and received by all individuals and groups through dedicated   inborn mental transmitters and receivers.

It has been shown, (Toffler, A. E.) that telepathic abil­ity is not related to mental superiority or supernatural powers. All life forms  have inborn extrasensory transmitters and receivers   to automatically connect to other members of their spe­cies enabling caretaking, reproduction, and grouping forma­tions. There is more than touch, sight, and smell that bonds Mother and Father and Child, and those you love and hate. We must be bonded to other humans at birth and throughout life, or die.

The  drive to form protective groups could be inherent in all life  forms. Automated Unconscious extrasensory signaling, two billion years ago, could have led to bacterial colonization, and  in humans in an advanced format to mating, families, tribes, fiefdoms, teams, corporations, nations, and Super Powers. Te­lepathy could be an unseen guest in every meeting, and a presence between simpatico when apart. Because we form the most powerful and adaptive groups, we are the dominant species. Alone we are prey to swarming bees, any gang, and a blizzard. The discovery of penicillin, by a brilliant scientist, would be naught without dedicated teams to produce and market and deliver and buy the pill under supervision of health care specialists. It’s no accident that we form groups. it could be a basic building block of life’s existence;  extrasensory automatic signaling connecting  sensory selecting.

We are on the cusp of controlling this heretofore inborn unconsciously functioning mental power, which could improve choice of a mate and colleagues, and  empower Brain Storming which could result in  increased  longevity and well being for all.  Peaceful co-­existence could be more probable anywhere and everywhere, for no matter race, color, or creed the language of the mind is understood everywhere there is a mind.

But before telepathy can be useful, adeptness in the use of inborn telepathic trans­mitters and receivers is required. This Author has demonstrated that all have the potential to form an energy Screen, either inside or out­side their forehead, which can be used to inter-communicate between individuals or or to  link individuals to exponentially increase the transmitted mental power of a synchronized group. Power that could be used by a willing recipient or comatose patients to automatically activate the autonomic system to boost system functioning.

Fifty percent of the world’s population can activate an energy Screen inside their forehead which can be used to control sending and receiving telepathic messages and transfer mental energy to others to accelerate learning and healing. I have designated those as  Power Beamers. The Fifty percent that cannot form that Screen have the ability to project an energy Screen outside their forehead, which can be used to increase  brain power and automatically enhance social connectivity. I have designated those as Beamers.

Are you a Beamer or a Power Beamer? It takes only seconds to determine which you are (Adults only).

  1. Relax in a quiet room:
  2. Close your eyes: Try to form a Screen, just let it come. It will usually form within a few seconds (Allow no more than 10 seconds). It will be a white energy Screen inside your forehead, or a white or black energy Screen outside your forehead. Both are  shaped similar to a movie screen.
  3. If neither Screen formed, take a 10 minute break and then relax in a quiet room, and while  sitting or standing try to form a screen outside your forehead; Try no more than 10 seconds. The Screen formed would be similar in description to the Outside Screen described above. Although all have the potential capability  to form either type of Screen, sometimes apprehensiveness will prevent Screen formation.
  4. After this simple exercise your telepathic ability will be gradually enhanced because you will have brought on-line the  telepathic capability that was heretofore on automatic and operating in the more primitive brain on an unconscious level.
  5. Step by step procedures in the book detail, how Beamers and Power Beamers could increase individual and group mental power.



Sensory communications of sight, hearing, taste, smell, pressure, temperature, pain, pleasure, and balance is critical in  yielding  information of predators, faulty staircase, stomach pain, infection, temperature changes, storms, thirst, charge from behind, conflagrations, a mate that could be great, and when driving through traffic. Accuracy, validity, and reliability are universally accepted. The sensory system, the reality window to the inside and outside worlds you must call home.

But is the sensory system the only one that can impart information that is necessary for survival? As sight and sound yield different aspects of the environment, so must telepathy if it is a unique and  necessary communication source; not just a self fulfilling prophecy of the desire to gain personal power by  reading  minds.

Biological development is a slow progressive process with all the newer cortical adaptations built on less versatile but necessary sub-cortical functions. Since it has been validated that the Screen, which is a cortical function, can receive and transmit telepathy, it could also validate the existence of a more primitive telepathy communication center.

Nature does not waste time producing mental tools that are toys. Telepathy to exist as a communication system inherent in our thinking brain, could not be wasteful of precious brain power that required millions of generations to evolve over billions of years. Telepathy must have yielded, and must continue to yield information leading to better adaptations for short and long term survival that would not be possible through sensory channels.

One possible rationale for the inability to have controlled telepathy is that telepathy was operating in the more primitive brain. Prior to Screen use, the transmitters and receivers could have been beyond awareness, and thus control. The messaging, from an unconscious telepathy center could have become conscious, unpredictably and uncontrollably, when conditions became momentarily optimized. The Screen could be the beginning of conscious control.   


All humans could have sending, receiving and activation capabilities on an unconscious level. Conscious registration occurring only when conditions are optimized, and both parties are using, by happenstance, similar conscious transmitters and receivers. Frequently, it has been reported, that telepathy occurred between a parent and child, wife and husband, and those simpatico: The communicants could have been open to telepathic messaging through intense emotionally bonded relationships. 


Frequently the unconscious and conscious are denominated and defined as if they are independent of each other when in actuality they operate synergistically and are in constant flux.

They are paired in meaning because one cannot be defined without the other. A change in one results in a change in the other.  Within each state there could be the potentiality of the other.  In essence they could be considered as an interactive unit in dynamic balance and are in constant intercommunication throughout life.  Major changes in one can cause dramatic major changes in the other. Changes in emotions, desires, rationality, moods, addictions, phobias, creativity, love, sexual energy, appearance, and wellness are some of many that could be dependent on the interrelationship between the unconscious and conscious. What is considered beautiful can be a function of mind set and the amount of glandular secretions in the beholder. 

While unconscious autonomic processing is similar for all of the same species, cognitive controlled response patterns are individualistic depending on personality traits, learning, and social experiences. Ongoing transformations in the Automata, although beyond awareness, are necessary for our survival.  All creatures on this Planet are an example of many automated unconscious behavior patterns coming under conscious control resulting in more individual efficiency and improved evolutionary adaptations that enable better survivability chances than their ancestors. 

Some examples of instinctual unconscious processes converted to conscious thought constructs could be: Will to live; caretaking; anger; position in space; Survival of the Fittest (Darwin);  need to flee or fight; sexual desires. An increased secretion of Adrenalin is described as a shot of power; or lack thereof as I feel drained.

Unconscious operations could be  below awareness, in part, because they are vital to our survival and yet so complex that they are beyond our current limited cognitive ability to control. Any gross cognitive interference with the functioning of breathing, circulation, digestion, hormonal balance, metabolism, biological thermostats, immunal responses, emotional defenses, memory processors, chemical interactions, growth, muscular coordination, neural transmissions, habit formation, and unconditioned responses, could threaten immediate survival. Hence unawareness is a by-product of the need to automate the incredibly complex micro-functioning of basic life supportive and reproductive systems prior to development of capable cognitive controllers.

It is being further proposed that changes in the Automata could be registered as changes in feelings and emotions and pain and pleasure as conscious signposts from the averaging results of myriads of microcosmic unconscious changes in order to activate appropriate consciously controlled behavior.

Averaging is not a fine tool but a necessary one when processing power is limited. The language used to initiate and prevent interactions on a molecular level must be, of necessity, beyond cognitive understanding. When the blood sugar level becomes too high, determined by the degree of variance from the balanced organic operational mean, micro-biological governors restore balance in healthy individuals. More specific malfunctions give rise to localized pain and more broadly based infirmities could be signaled through generalized reactions, such as heart arrhythmias, temperature changes, dizziness, kidney malfunctions, swelling, extreme thirst, diarrhea, and inflammation. Psychological reactions to the averaging of  changes in mind and body functions could result in exuberance, depression, sexual desires, or anything in between. If the physiological or neural changes are extreme, and are manifested by distortions of reality the psychological reactions could become unabated and be only relieved through drug intervention

Low oxygen levels initiates immediate action to move to fresh air without wasting time through analysis. Pleasure can result from good hormonal balances, smooth digestion, smooth coordination, excellent balance, and effortless thinking. These averaging signals result in characteristic feelings and emotions. At our stage of development average results are the best we can do in determining what is happening at unconscious micro and macro levels. Most of our everyday behavior is the result of automated biological and physiological processes and  their modes of inter- communication. Currently Telepathy could be mostly automatically generated, with averaging of unconscious received messages from simpatico, around the block or world, registering as hunches or anticipations of pleasure or calamity.

The logicality and synergy between the unconscious and conscious make it possible to be cool under pressure, don’t give a damn when things are tough, or let it fly when romance is high. Messages by emotion, feelings, pain, and pleasure arising from the Unconscious can instantaneously sharpen senses and activate mind and muscle faster than think; or if not we would sink.

The proposition that visual and auditory reception and transmission  has its origination in the unconscious is a well established ( Le Deux, et al ) and a scientifically accepted doctrine. Since it has been validated that telepathy  is a consciously controlled ability (Toffler, A, E,) then it substantiates that there is an unconsciously operating Telepathy Center that is operating in the primitive brain from which the conscious cognitive telepathy center was germinated., and to which intercommunication can occur.

There is more than talk that tells you if someone loves or hates you. We could be at the beginning stages of recognition and acceptance of telepathic communications that have been operating below awareness. When messages are in the mind and not by sight or sound and no one is there, and you think someone could be thinking of you; They could be!


The subconscious is being described herein as a psychological state which is neither unconscious nor conscious and is an intermediary between both. The mind, through repression (Freud, Sigmund), could have the ability to make mentally destabilizing events and their associated emotions become beyond awareness. 

When this occurs, since the mind automatically maintains dynamic balancing of life forces and since the repressed trauma is wasteful of mental energy, and impairs the ability of the mind to run efficiently, the mind automatically attempts to initiate resolution through bringing the repressed   it into awareness.

When the mental defenses are lowered, as in sleep, or the trauma is empowered by daytime events that are similar to the original repressed experience, it could surface in dreams as a reaction to a daytime threat that re-evoked earlier repressed traumas. In nightmares it could be a re-enactment of childhood fantasies in which unresolved fear of serious bodily harm or death could be imminent.  Scenarios such as being pursued by monsters while being  unable to move, or falling off a cliff, or other scenarios in which there is no escape from death or disablement are common. As the most frightening ending is about to occur the person awakens, the repression is reinstated, and the person is left shaken but thankful to be alive and OK. Dreams of having super powers such as being able to fly, super strength that enabled conquest, or having super speed,  could also occur as a fantasy solutions.

Depending on personality and physiological programming, instead of dream messaging, the repressed energy, could be converted into sleep-walking or talking, insomnia, restfulness, TV stupor, Partying, Burning the midnight oil, or refrigerator raiding. Although some of these behaviors could be malproductive, they could be preventing inexplicable fear, the need to escape, bizarre thinking, or disorganized and destructive behavior. 

Prior to mental overload, behavior could be manifested by defenses (Freud, Anna) of obsessions, compulsions, displacements, escaping, denial, projections, sublimations,  phobias, or addictions.  Without the intercession of the subconscious Defenses, basic instincts could register unfiltered in consciousness as auditory and visual hallucinations and bizarre or destructive behavior. The more long-term energized is the repressed impulses, the more severe could be the underlying conflicts and the recalcitrant associative based thinking and behavior.

The mind’s conscious use of the state of unawareness, as a refuge until a satisfactory resolution can be found, could be an example of the fail/safe constructivity needed to maintain mental equilibrium when unresolved traumas threaten mental stability. Self cures could be accomplished  through converting the repressed energy into productivity that results in goal satisfaction and gains social approval. The traumatic incident  could then  no longer be viewed as a current threat, nor cause nightmares and limit productivity.

The symptomotology that reduces the probability of mental destabilization, could be nagging reminders of the need to resolve the maladaptive mental functioning into adaptive conscious behaviors. Then, wasted mental and bodily energy or the possibility of Ego destabilization could be abrogated. 

One goal of Psychoanalytic Therapy is to bring into consciousness the emotions and the precipitating event that was related to the repression and is yet causing neurotic symptomotology. Once the patient becomes aware that the disastrous outcomes are no longer tenable the symptoms and aberrant behavior related to the earlier trauma is usually abated. Any therapy, including Behavioral, that enables efficient integration of the unconscious and conscious output leading  to positive behavioral changes could improve could improve utilization of  mental and physical and social interactivity.

The subconscious could be a mental conciliator, brokering and mediating exchanges between the unconscious and conscious mind sets so as to maintain efficiency and stability. Yet, the subconscious safe depositary, could be only a temporary shelter for relieving cognitively induced pressures by extending critical resolution time till maturity, when coping could be accomplished without permanent mental damage. But, If extreme defense systems would continue over a long period of time, their continual energy drain and habituation could be more deleterious than the gain of their protective mantle.  Hence the mind has an extended but limited time frame in which to resolve conflicts.

Thus the subconscious  is actually  in the conscious realm and only temporairly beyond cognitive apperception.

While the subconscious processes could be an example of the unique ability of the mind to induce an unconscious state as a temporary refuge in order to preserve cognitive stability, it also could be the intermediary transducing platform enabling orderly and logicality intra-transmissions between the conscious and unconscious telepathy centers. Since intra-telepathic communications between the unconscious and conscious would be in a Primer Stage and well defended, telepathic communicating could be simple, and occur intermittently  as a clear message or as a hunch .of  a future positive or negative happening.

The above articles were were excerpts from the Book which may be previewed, without cost, on Amazon Books website. It can be purchased as an upload to Kindle, PC, or mobile devices. Search for the book by typing in Alvin Edward Toffler, or the title of the book: ALL CAN USE TELEPATHY TO INCREASE BRAIN POWER AND HEALING.

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Alvin E. Toffler, Ph. D. is a NY licensed (004118-1) Clinical Psychologist.

Certified by  NY State Dept. as a School District Supervisor of Psychological Services.

Previous Experience

Midshipman U.S. Merchant Marine; U. S. Naval, Reserve,  WW2.

Adjunct Professor Graduate Psychology Department; Hofstra University; .

Director of Training of Doctoral Candidates at the Hofstra University Psychological Evaluation and Research Center.

Office of Economic Opportunities Certificate: Upward Bound Program at Hofstra University.

Brandeis U. Extensions: Lectures on Behavioral Techniques  to  change maladaptive behavior.

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In Darwin’s time there was widespread belief, in the bible’s rendition that God created humans and all other types of creatures at the beginning. This, in the face of evidence that we arose from more primitive forms of life. Darwin set out, not as a heretic to dispute the existence of God but to demonstrate the logicality that all life evolved as being more adaptive than previous generations.

This was, and is yet difficult to accept for some whose religious belief and faith in the power of God has supported and helped them cope in perilous times, loss of loved ones, and inevitable death. Because we all need support during crises, the possibility of an after- life, promised by religious faith and morality is a universal need.

We need to believe in a Creator who can give eternal life. To accept that we evolved from primitive forms is counter to the belief that we are made in the image of GOD and have the potential of immortality. Accepting that we evolved, by those who believe in the biblical version, is tantamount to rejecting a major mainstay of security, and the hope and being able to face death without fear. With faith mortal traumas, drudgery, undeserved cruelties, chronic pain, and an early death are only temporary situations, replaced by eternal contentment and well being if you have left the world a better place and passed the baton. Heaven snatchers, like accepting Darwin’s beliefs, and Darwin himself could be viewed as works of the devil.

But If Darwin’s Principles are based on fact, then it could be supportive of the existence of God not a detraction. Evolution is purposeful. Purpose inherent in our existence is evidenced by a rising sun, by clouds delivering water where streams cannot flow, and a new and better life through Natural Selection. The drive to live and become better, inherent in every living thing, is no accident. Purpose is the proof that there is and was and will always be GOD; Evolution, a tool of purpose.

Faith in any belief, in which  you strive to benevolently contribute will open heaven’s  gate.  Fear of death could abate; for if you are here, you were there at the beginning. You are the best summary of every past living thing. God’s work! It was you that was a single cell, and you that

will be on a space ship to New Earth.

The  Image of GOD reflected in leaving the world a better place and passing the baton


The above articles were were excerpts from the Book which may be previewed, without cost, on Amazon Books website. It can be purchased as an upload to Kindle, PC, or mobile devices. Search for the book by typing in Alvin Edward Toffler, or the title of the book: ALL CAN USE TELEPATHY TO INCREASE BRAIN POWER AND HEALING.

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